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Teachers of Bulgaria

Teachers of Bulgaria


The Klett Group comprises 67 companies at 33 locations and has currently over 55 000 titles in stock. As one of Europe’s leading educational companies, the Group is represented internationally in 16 countries. The portfolio includes traditional and state-of-the-art educational media for day-to-day use in schools as well as lesson planning materials, specialist literature, and the classics. In addition, the Klett Group operates many educational institutions, ranging from day-care centres to schools, right through to distance-learning schools, and universities for distance-learning and on-site-learning.

In Bulgaria Klett operates market leading and much-loved brands Anubis and Bulvest 2000 in addition to Klett and Raabe. As the most innovative educational provider in the country Klett operates IZZI - the biggest educational platform with over 50 000 digital resources aimed at children, parents and teachers. 


As the biggest educational publisher Klett understands the needs of teachers and education professionals. The teachers' profession is one of the most well-regarded in Bulgaria but not enough is being done to thank them for their hard work in educating millions of bright young minds. 

This is precisely why Klett decided to push its products to the back and bring the teachers to the front page. 


Enter Teachers of Bulgaria.


We announced a nationwide hunt for the most creative, unconventional, pioneering, unusual and effective teachers in a campaign we simply named Teachers of Bulgaria

We picked eight teachers from all around the country and featured them in the initiative. 

Klett forged a strategic partnership with 24 Chasa - the leading newsaper and digital portal in the country - to present our first class of innovative education professionals loved by hundreds of studens. 




For four months we carried out in-depth interviews with the selected teachers to understand their motives, their personal story and what made them stick out from the crowd. Every single one had a different path and a unique story to tell which in some cases suprised us as well. 

Every interview got published in the print and online versions of 24 chasa. The digital interviews were placed at the top of the website in a specially designed section. Every teacher also got featured on Klett's and's Facebook pages thus expanding the reach of the initiative. 

This made the teachers the star of the show, just like they deserve. 

Meet our stars.

The innovators

Iskra Georgieva - the IT teacher believing math will save the world

Donka & Ivelin Ilievi - the teacher couple working in the same school for full 15 years

Vilyana Dimitrova - the art teacher who writes a personalised letter to first graders and sends them off after high school with another personal note, all written on paper

Rosen Bogomilov - the teacher with a vision not only for his class but for the future of the Bulgarian school

Greta Valcheva - the teacher who teaches students how to become responsible citizens

Nelly Hristova - the teacher who combines the best school traditions and new trends

Tanya Vassileva - the teacher who appreciates the striving for growth

Ivan Stolinov - the teacher who encourages constructive competition


The campaign proved to be widly successful with fellow teachers and students sharing articles on social media and thus spreading the main message - Klett cares about the Bulgarian teacher. 


over 2 m. impressions

Article views

over 320 000

Circulation reach

over 400 000

Digital reach

Over 500 000 people reached on social media and Klett digital channels

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