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d:istinkt is an award-winning integrated communications and experience agency located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We turn b-lazy we turn button customers into fans,

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while delivering creative experiences and media strategies that supercharge campaigns to achieve sustainable business growth and skyrocket reach and engagement.


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Our work is what defines us - stunning, effective, memorable. Here are some of our campaigns.

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Ecommerce and Retail Summit has traditionally focused on… e-commerce and digitalisation of the retail sector.  This year we were tasked with creating the presentation and content of Lidl's keynote presentation to the audience

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Thanking everyone laying the foundation of modern society and education system

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After a major success in 2020, Digital Scouts came back in 2021 with two editions: Summer and Autumn.

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Data shows that global plastic waste was 275 million tonnes in the last year – it did exceed annual primary production through wastage of plastic from previous years. See what we did to address that.

We specialise in corporate communications, digital media, creative, brand consulting, media strategies and exposure campaigns. We imagine and engineer impactful result-oriented PR and digital campaigns and we are here to help you tell your brand's story to the right people.

Media Intelligence

We live and breathe analysis. From deep diving into public, social and editorial media content to presenting actionable insights, media intelligence is one of those things we put on every discussion table.

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Media Intelligence
Content Production

Striking ideas, eye-catching design choices and groundbreaking copies lead to people changing the way people think of your brands. We leverage both traditional and digital mediums to craft distinctive messages leading to unforgettable moments.

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Content Production
Social Media & Influencer Engagement

Finding the best channels and distributing your message to the right micro and nano influencers is something we rock. That TikTok-er your kid is glued to on its iPhone? We know them, too.

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Social Media & Influencer Engagement
Media & PR Services

We design creative media plans that deliver your brand to key audiences with consistency, clarity and continuity. With our sector-leading approach we make sure your message is visible at the right time, at the right place for the right people.

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Media & PR Services


Brand Strategy

We help leading brands re-think the way they approach customers. From consulting to execution, we support companies shape their brands to achieve memorable and outstanding identities.

Our Clients
Reckitt Benckiser
Yettel Bulgaria
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We are intentionally small which ensures every single copy, visual and creative gets the personal attention of the whole team.

As communication professionals, we are dedicated to changing the public perception through originality, distinctive visuals and unique stories. We pride ourselves on outstanding strategies customised for each brand we work with.

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Galina Pauncheva, CEO
Galina Pauncheva
Raya Todorova, Head of Production
Raya Todorova
Head of Production
Gergana Georgieva, Finance Director
Gergana Georgieva
Finance Director
Lora Kalaglarska, Senior Account Manager / Corporate Communications
Lora Kalaglarska
Senior Account Manager / Corporate Communications
Ralitsa Mihailova-Jdrakova, Senior Content Manager
Ralitsa Mihailova-Jdrakova
Senior Content Manager

of experience in managing public relations and marketing campaigns


in various industries, including telecommunications, pharma & healthcare, FMCG, government affairs



trusted us their business