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5G Launch event

5G Launch event

The brief

d:istinkt was tasked with organising a special event to announce the commercial launch of the 5G network of Telenor Bulgaria.

The challenge?

Show what will 5G bring tomorrow by demonstrating it today. Challenge accepted. 


June 10, 2021


Flora Expo Center in the sea garden in Burgas, Bulgaria

The event

What did we do

The event was divided into two parts. The first one was the official part, consisting of a press conference, followed by the Demo & Networking part.


5G Speed Test

During the official part, the CEO of Telenor Bulgaria - Jason King, measured the exceptional speed of over 1.5 gigabits per second for download and 113 megabits for data upload. Live.


Official guests 

Vesna Baltina, Deputy Mayor Strategic development and ecology, digitalization and climate changes adaptation

Ivan Dimitrov, Chairman of Communications Regulation Commission 

Marek Sláčík, Executive Director CEE, Chief Commercial Officer


All Telenor employees watched what was happening through an online stream in real time.

And after this...

The time came for the real 5G experience!

We wanted guests to see and, most of all, feel what 5G really is. How? Well, we outright brouht the future to them.


The first 5G TV weather forecast

The first 5G 4K weather forecast in Bulgaria was made at the event. We had bTV journalist Stanislava Tsalova announce the weather forecast directly from the beach at Bourgas.

5G VR Game

Jason King, CEO of Telenor Bulgaria and the host of the event - the bulgarian actor Bashar Rahal gathered to play a little bit of 5G table football, with the guests joining shortly.

5G Cloud Gaming and Content

All guests were excited to test the 5G use cases - cloud gaming with VR glasses and/or smart devices.


and finally...

It was time for the results!


Our work

Event coordination 

Stage design

Media relations, incl. design of media invite

Media monitoring & Analysis


The results

- Over 100 guests (officials, major business owners, media representatives)

- Nearly 500 employees joined the stream

- Over 50 media articles covering the launch, which generated over 80 000  views and 781 592 impressions

- Over 69 624 people reached and 3 720 engagements generated from Facebook posts

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