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Digital Scouts

Digital Scouts


Kids are naturally a tough audience, especially when you want to reach them on serious topics. Telenor Bulgaria is the biggest mobile operator in Bulgaria, fully recognizing its role as such when it comes to children's safety.

As part of its CSR policy, the company supports initiatives in this domain since 2006. Among them are a Social Networks Glossary for Parents and Online Bullying Handbook. Telenor was the first company in Bulgaria to launch a filter that blocks web domains containing child sexual abuse materials. Telenor supports the Bulgarian Internet Foundation in its efforts to educate teens, pre-teens, and their parents on everything digital, including hacking, protecting passwords and personal data , and taking precautions against online viruses.

Telenor also produces video lessons and uploads them on a special dedicated platform -

The 2020 challenge? Educate children entirely online. Thanks, COVID-19.

This is how Digital Scouts was born.



We created an app that was both fun and educational. This was our way to speak their language.

But just a simple game is not always enough. You know... games could be sometimes a bit boring.


Launch a virtual treasure hunt and have it run for 24 hours. Teens had one day to answer 12 questions teaching them about the dangers online. The hunt was divided into three levels with each being harder than the one prior. The final two correct answers led to the player being included in a draw for a Mystery Box, courtesy of very popular influencers with merch, tech and much more.

We knew we needed to reach the kids through the channels they used. Yes, we were going to do the corporate PR and have a press release covering our initiative and the game, but we knew our main target group would not see it and would not download the app and play the game.

Enter influencers. Gen Z influencers.


We had four of our A list influencers shoot special video questions along with some clues on their Instagram accounts.

The “buzz” wave was structured to have teens download the app two weeks prior to the launch of the treasure hunt. 


Videos, stories, posts, polls, links.

You name it, we had it all.

And it went viral.

The results?

The client had targeted to have at least 1k downloads of the app. We recorded over 20 000. Score!


90% of people who downloaded the app completed all three stages of the game. To add to that - Digital Scouts became the most downloaded game in Bulgaria on that day on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Reached over 500 000 people on Instagram, over 12 000 on TikTok and drove over 1m impressions for YouTube videos we produced.


Traditional media covered everything we did and was with us along the way, generating 41 articles that reached over 2.5m impressions.

The best part?

We educated over 20 000 children and kept them safe.

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