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Pushing the REset button

Pushing the REset button

The Why

We live and breathe plastic. Yes! That’s a fact.

Data shows that global plastic waste was 275 million tonnes in the last year – it did exceed annual primary production through wastage of plastic from previous years. 

Many innovations which have made important contributions to the development of society would be inconceivable without the reusable material of plastic. However, one of plastic's best characteristics has also turned into a central problem for people, animals, and the environment: its longevity.

This is precisely the problem which Lidl is addressing through its REset Plastic strategy. It unites a grand vision with binding goals and a clear, guiding mission: "We approach the issue in a comprehensive way using our know-how to reduce plastic and close loops." This is why Lidl has divided its commitment into five action areas: REduce, REdesign, REcycle, REmove and REsearch. As such, REset Plastic covers everything from avoidance, through design, recycling, and elimination, all the way up to innovation and education on the subject of plastic. 

The Task

We were tasked with creating an integrated communication strategy that: 

- raises awareness on the importance of reducing plastic;

- showcases the measures Lidl has implemented to reduce plastic waste;

- presents the results of the measures taken.


The Strategy

We divided the communication lines into two main pillars which we followed in the execution: 

Inform - create an information hub which contains all measures, results and stats on Lidl’s engagement on reducing plastic waste

Engage - let people see the ways they can recycle and reduce plastic in their everyday life

The How

We started the campaign with ATL communication and continued with PR efforts, coupled with influencer marketing to reach the widest audience. 

Own media - we created a special landing page named “Recycling matters” (the official name of the campaign, btw) where we explained in depth the issue with plastic, adding the measures Lidl has taken and the results they have led to. At the end we presented easy and effective ways of recycling at home and supporting the cause. 


Recycling Matters - Lidl's Website

Traditional media - along with traditional press releases, we started two branded series at one of the most read outlets in Bulgaria - and 

The articles on focused on the plastic economy and the strategy to end plastic consumption. 

Our natives on brought easy to understand facts about plastic consumption and the ways to reduce it. (in Bulgarian): 

Четири начина, по които пластмасата вреди на природата, и един начин, по който можем да помогнем


Пластмасата и отражението ѝ в нашия свят


Затвореният жизнен цикъл на пластмасовите продукти


Да имаш стратегия за пластмасата, която работи



Visual identity

The campaign was supported by ATL communication (see video ad herewith more PR materials which also announced new measures as Lidl was implementing them. 


We also added influencers to the mix. Popular people from different backgrounds demonstrated that recycling and living a plastic free lifestyle is for everybody and no matter who you are and what your life looks like you can choose to live with less plastic. 


The output

- 4 press releases

- 1 Animated video

- 2 branded series in two of the most prominent media outlets 

- 12 Native articles 

- 5 Influencers engaged

- 1 CEO interview in Manager Magazine

- Campaign visuals including full visual identity and dedicated articles visuals

The results

Life in plastic is definitely not fantastic. We are glad people saw it exactly the way we wanted to and the response was more than fantastic. We reached a total of 313 045 people via PR and an additional 214 300 with the five influencers we worked with, with just one of the videos generating over 88 000 views.

- 8 110 754 Impressions

- 456 885 people reached (PR and influencers)

- Press release coverage: 53 articles

- Press release views: 21 630


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